Public Access to Voter Registration Records

Weekly Report of Registration

Every Sunday, the Registrar of Voters publishes a Weekly Report of Registration [pdf]. This report lists the number of voters for each party for all political jurisdictions in the County.

Alert:  The Registrar of Voters is currently working to update district boundaries in its election management system for jurisdictions that recently adopted new maps to comply with redistricting requirements following the 2020 Census.

New district maps have been applied for the following jurisdictions and the Weekly Report of Registration reflects the registration numbers for these updated district boundaries:

  • State Board of Equalization Districts
  • United States Representative Districts
  • State Senate Districts
  • State Assembly Districts
  • City of San Bernardino, City Council, Wards 1 – 7
  • San Bernardino County, Board of Supervisors, Districts 1 – 5

The registration numbers for the remaining jurisdictions in the report reflect district boundaries as they existed prior to any boundary adjustments an agency has made or will make to comply with redistricting requirements.

The following jurisdictions have notified the Registrar of Voters that they have evaluated their district boundaries and have determined their maps do not need to be updated:

  • San Bernardino County Board of Education, Areas A – E

Note: Jurisdictions that elect their governing body members at large (not by district) do not need to update their maps.

Please check back weekly for updates.

Voter Registration Density Map

Use the Voter Registration Density Map to view the citizen voting age population and registered voters by census tract.

Certified Copy of Voter Registration

Voters may purchase:

  • A certified copy of their voter registration application (has confidential information)
  • A certified letter confirming their current or previous registration (no confidential information)

Voters may obtain either of these documents in person at the Registrar of Voters office.  Requester will need to complete an application, present a valid government-issued picture identification, and pay $1.50 for each certified copy or letter.

The Registrar of Voters will not honor requests for certified copies of another voter’s confidential information.

Purchasing Voter Files & Custom Reports

The County’s voter file may be purchased for election, scholarly, journalistic, political, or governmental purposes. Custom made reports and maps are also available. View the Registrar of Voters’ price sheet [pdf]. Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, cashier’s check or credit card.