District Look-Up Tools

The Registrar of Voters is currently working to update district boundaries in its election management system for jurisdictions that recently adopted new maps to comply with redistricting requirements following the 2020 Census.

Due to the ongoing nature of this work, the Registrar of Voters offers the following District Look-Up Tools:

  • 2022 Statewide Direct Primary Election District Look-Up Tool
    • This tool shows new District Maps only for districts with offices up for election in the June 7, 2022 Statewide Direct Primary Election. The District Maps are provided on this tool for election purposes only. Official District Maps are maintained by and available from each jurisdiction. The maps in this tool reflect any adjustments a jurisdiction may have recently made to its District Maps to comply with redistricting requirements following the 2020 Census, and may include minor line adjustments for election purposes.
    • New district maps included in this tool are for the following jurisdictions:
      • State Board of Equalization Districts
      • United States Representative Districts
      • State Senate Districts
      • State Assembly Districts
      • San Bernardino County, Board of Supervisors, Districts 1 – 5
      • City of San Bernardino, City Council, Wards 1 – 7
    • Jurisdictions that elect their governing body members at large (not by district) do not need to update their maps, and the maps on this tool show the entirety of each jurisdiction.
      • Barstow Community College District
      • City of Loma Linda, City Council
    • The entirety of jurisdictions that have placed a local measure on the ballot for this election are shown on this tool.
      • Muroc Joint Unified School District
      • Sierra Sands Unified School District
      • City of Chino
      • San Bernardino County Fire Protection District
  • Historic District Look-Up Tool
    • This tool shows District Data/Maps as the districts existed on November 22, 2021, and does not reflect any adjustments an agency may have made to its district maps to comply with redistricting requirements following the 2020 Census.
    • The Registrar of Voters must maintain this historic District Data in case a jurisdiction calls a special election or appoints an eligible voter to fill the remaining term of a vacant office when that term of the vacant office started before the jurisdiction adopted new district maps.