Community Outreach

Community Outreach

There have been many changes in election administration this year, including the Top Two Candidates Open Primary Act, redistricting, reprecincting, and new polling place assignments. In order to educate registered voters, the San Bernardino County Elections Office has conducted several different forums aimed at different group including the media, community leaders, candidates for elected office, and the Spanish language community.

Below is a list of events that have been held and that will continue to be held throughout 2012.

Media Advisory:

04-26-2012 – Media Advisory Briefing [pdf]

Community Leaders:

05-29-2012 – Community Leaders Briefing – San Bernardino Elections Office [pdf]

05-01-2012 – Community Leaders Briefing – San Bernardino Elections Office [pdf]

Candidates for Elected Office:

05-10-2012 – Candidate Meeting – San Bernardino Elections Office [pdf]

Spanish Advisory:

05-14-2012 – Spanish Advisory Meeting