San Bernardino County uses the Dominion Voting System, which is a certified voting system in California. Pursuant to the California Elections Code, section 19202, “A voting system, in whole or in part, shall not be used unless it has been certified or conditionally approved by the Secretary of State prior to any election at which it is to be used.” As a result, the state has developed one of the most strenuous voting system testing and certification programs in the country ( At the local level, California counties are required to abide by stringent sets of rules and regulations regarding implementation and use of a voting system.


All voting systems, including Dominion, undergo extensive testing prior to certification, which includes;

  • Examination and testing of system software;
  • Software source code review and evaluation;
  • Hardware and software security penetration testing;
  • Hardware testing under conditions simulating the intended storage, operation, transportation, and maintenance environments;
  • Inspection and evaluation of system documentation; and
  • Operational testing to validate system performance and functioning under normal and abnormal conditions.


Pursuant to the California Elections Code section 19205, “no part of a voting system shall be connected to the internet at any time, or electronically receive or transmit election data through any exterior communications network.” The voting systems used in California, including Dominion Voting Systems, do not connect to the internet.