2022 Statewide Direct Primary Election

June 7, 2022

Key Dates and Deadlines

Date Action
January 3, 2022 Signature In Lieu of Filing Fee Petition Period begins for all offices except Board of Supervisors
January 11, 2022 Signature In Lieu of Filing Fee Petition Period begins for Board of Supervisors
January 31, 2022 Declaration of Intention Period begins for Judicial Candidates
February 9, 2022 Signature In Lieu of Filing Fee Petition Period deadline for all offices
February 9, 2022 Declaration of Intention Period deadline for Judicial Candidates
February 14, 2022 Candidate filing begins for all offices
March 11, 2022 Candidate filing deadline for all offices
May 3, 2022 County Voter Information Guides delivered to U.S. Post Office
May 9, 2022 Early voting begins
May 9, 2022 Mail Ballots delivered to U.S. Post Office
May 23, 2022 Voter registration deadline
May 31, 2022 Deadline to request a replacement mail ballot
June 7, 2022 Election Day – 2022 Statewide Direct Primary Election
June 8, 2022 Canvass of the Election begins
July 7, 2022 Deadline to complete the official canvass and certify the results

Election Publications

County of San Bernardino Voter Information Guide

State of California Voter Information Guide

Press Releases and Public Notices

Voter Registration

If you need to register or re-register, the voter registration application must be postmarked or submitted May 23, 2022, for the 2022 Statewide Direct Primary Election.

If you miss the voter registration deadline, you can still register and vote in person at the Registrar of Voters office, an Early Vote site, or at a polling place on Election Day. View the Vote Early page for locations, dates, and hours of the Registrar of Voters and Early Vote sites for this election.

  • Visit our Voter Registration page for complete information and instructions about registering to vote.
  • View the Registration Summary of Qualified Voters [available soon] for this election.

From May 24, 2022, up until the close of the polls at 8 p.m. on Election Day, all voters can still update their residential address or political party preference. 

  • For more information, find instructions and a Change of Address / Political Party Form. [available soon]

Voting Options

Voting options:

  • Vote early at the Registrar of Voters beginning May 9, 2022.
  • Vote early at an Early Vote site.
  • Vote a Mail Ballot.
    • Mail ballot applications are not necessary. Mail ballots will be mailed to all active registered voters.
    • Request a replacement ballot by calling the Registrar of Voters at (909) 387-8300.
  • Voters may return their voted mail ballot:

Voters with a disability:

Vote a Remote Accessible Vote by Mail Ballot using your computer and printer to:

  • Mark your ballot
  • Print your voted ballot
  • Place your voted ballot in your Mail Ballot Return Envelope or in your own envelope with mailing labels attached
  • Sign and date your envelope
  • Return your ballot by mail or to a Polling Place, Early Vote site, or Mail Ballot Drop-off Location

Military and Overseas Voters:

Uniformed and Overseas citizens can obtain a Voter Information Guide as well as a Ballot for this election. For complete information, visit the Secretary of State’s website for Military and Overseas Voters.

Eligible citizens that have not registered:

A new California law allows citizens to register and vote after the registration deadline.  In order to qualify, the voter submits a conditional voter registration application in person at the Registrar of Voters, an Early Vote site or a polling place.  After completing the application, the voter will be provided with a provisional ballot.

Offices and Candidates Information

Offices Up For Election:

Candidate Filing:

Members of the public are no longer required to wear face coverings or practice social distancing regardless of vaccination status. Public health requirements are subject to change based on guidance from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), California Department of Public Health, or San Bernardino County Department of Public Health. For information about the coronavirus crisis including vaccines and testing, visit sbcovid19.com.

Candidate Statements:

Candidates are required to pay the estimated costs of printing their candidate statement in the County Voter Information Guide at the time of filing.

List of Candidates:


Translated Sample Ballots

Request a precinct specific translated sample ballot for the June 7, 2022 Statewide Direct Primary Election:

Review translated sample ballots with all contests for the June 7, 2022 Statewide Direct Primary Election:

Measures on the Ballot

  • View the Local Measures on the ballot for the 2022 Statewide Direct Primary Election.
  • The vote requirement for local measures can be found on the Local Measures page.

Mail Ballot Return Statistics

The Mail Ballot Return Statistics Report shows the number of mail ballots that have been issued and returned for the election, as well as historical statistics for previous elections. The data presented on this report is updated daily and may fluctuate as additional mail ballot applications are received and voted mail ballots are processed.