Voter Registration Maintenance

How are your voting records updated if you move?

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Address updates are provided daily by the DMV, and immediately applied by our office. Please note that the voter must be a registered voter in San Bernardino County for DMV changes to apply.

Voters Moving Out of San Bernardino County

Our office is notified by the Secretary of State’s office of voters who have re-registered in other counties. These registrations are cancelled by our office upon notification. We are also notified directly by other counties if a voter has re-registered.

Returned Mail

Undeliverable mail, such as vote-by-mail ballots, is used to update the voter registration database. If a new address is provided, our database is updated accordingly, and a postcard is sent to the new address in an attempt to contact the voter.

Deceased Voters

We are unable to cancel or inactivate a voter record of a person who is deceased or incompetent to vote based on verbal or written communication from a relative. An official death certificate or an Order of Conservatorship signed by a judge is required. A copy of such a record is needed for the cancelled voter file.

Voter Re-Registration

A voter must re-register (submit a new Voter Registration Form) if that person has:

  • Changed his or her address within the County
  • Moved to San Bernardino County from another county, or
  • Changed his or her name, or
  • Changed political party affiliation

How to Cancel Your Voter Registration

Print the Voter Registration Cancellation Form [pdf], complete, sign, and return to the Elections Office, or Provide written notification to the Elections Office cancelling your voter registration. Include your first and last name, address on file, date of birth, and signature.

The Voter Registration Cancellation Form or written notification can be sent by mail or fax to the Elections Office. You may also email the scanned form or note to us at VoterRegistrations@sbcountyelections.com by scanning it and attaching it to an email.