Precincts Reported: This is the number of voting precincts reporting results to the Registrar of Voters on election night for each contest on the ballot. When 100 percent of precincts have reported, all poll ballots have been delivered and counted. But, it does not mean that all ballots have been counted as there are still many ballots to process before the election results are certified, including mail ballots, provisional ballots, conditional voter registration ballots, damaged ballots that need to be duplicated, and other ballots that may need more review.

Times Cast: Not all ballots in the county contain all contests in the county. All ballots will contain State propositions and general election contests for U.S. President and statewide and countywide offices and measures. However, contests for city councils, school boards, and other local contests appear only on the ballots of registered voters within those jurisdictions. For a specific contest on the ballot, times cast is the number of ballots cast containing that contest. It also equates to the number of voters eligible to vote in that contest who cast a ballot.

Undervotes: An undervote occurs when an eligible voter chooses not to cast a vote or votes in a specific contest. For example, in some contests for city council, eligible voters may vote for up to three candidates. If the voter only votes for one candidate in that city council contest, one valid vote and two undervotes will be recorded.

Overvotes: An overvote occurs when a voter marks too many votes in a specific contest. If in the example above – a vote for up to three candidates city council contest – a voter votes for four candidates, three overvotes and no valid votes will be recorded.

Doing the math: In the above example of a vote for up to three candidates contest, the following mathematical equation is true:

Times Cast multiplied by 3 votes = Undervotes plus Overvotes plus Total Votes.

Designated Mail Ballot: If 88 days before an election, a voting precinct does not have more than 250 registered voters, the Registrar of Voters does not assign these voters to a polling place and mails a ballot to all voters in that precinct pursuant to Elections Code section 3005. These voters may still vote in person at the Registrar of Voters, an early vote site, or any polling place.

Unresolved Write-In: To efficiently produce election night results, votes in a write-in space on ballots will not be reviewed on election night. These votes are tallied as Unresolved Write-Ins. The Unresolved Write-In tally may include:

  • Votes for qualified candidates whose names appear on the ballot
  • Votes for qualified write-in candidates
  • Names of persons that did not file candidacy papers
  • Stray marks

The Unresolved Write-Ins are reviewed during the canvass. Upon completion of this review, all valid votes for qualified candidates will be added to the election results and votes for unqualified candidates will be reported as Undervotes.